2009 Prison Planet

This is from the old blog:

2009-07-10, 17:12:39 (6 minutes ago)

Is a succinct description of Anders’ character. He went to Tarkwall with the rest, but has spent his time so far in the infirmary.

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2009-05-19, 18:27:40

Ctrl-alt-delete was pressed and the campaign rebooted using Mongoose Traveller a couple of weeks ago.

This time the players seem to be a group of conmen/rogues/fixers with a grand scheme to get hold of the ancient technology that is rumoured to be occasionally smuggled out of Tarkwall Imperial Prison. By getting imprisoned there for a crime they didn’t commit, with an absolutely foolproof plan to escape from the prison and then present evidence that they didn’t actually commit the crime.

The players and characters so far are:

Christer - Ca-Tolo Harkonen

Lars - Logan DeWitt

Erik - Zdiats Sovlidltdlikchienshkienshele

Molle - Cai Helino

Very briefly, they have so far managed to be incarcerated, form a prison gang that is allied to one of the major gangs, acquire a few enemies, kill a prisoner in a gang fight, reveal that at least one of them is indeed psionic, and get a few hints on where the supposed ancient site would be located.

More details to follow…

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2009-01-04, 13:50:55

In approxmiate order of creation:

Mattias N - Cai Helino, a Vargr researcher/gadgeteer. Formerly one of the ‘top… men’ at a secret Imperial Research Station.

Christer H-’Guns’ a dual-laserpistol wielding amnesiac with occasional flashbacks to an ‘interesting’ past, has hinted at Ine Givar connections.

Erik B - John ‘Slick’ Mongague, a gambler that always seems to know when to “hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run.”

Anders L- Jonsey, a Naval officer with a merchant past. Absolutely no secrets whatsoever. Except, possibly, the fact that his Navy ID number begins with double zeroes…

Lars A - ???

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2009-01-02, 23:04:50

I don’t think I’ve mentioned that it is possible to comment here if:

a) you create a user

b) I know you and approve your user. :)

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2009-01-02, 22:54:30

Today, the first session finally happened.

Christer, Erik and Molle arrived early, so after we finished their characters we started.

Their characters had all received a High Passage ticket to the neighbouring world of <mumble, mumble> to discuss a job. They did not know each other before meeting in the line to board the shuttle to their ship, but as they learned that an incoming storm would make launch impossible today (but surely possible tomorrow) they decided to get a drink or two together at a range of startown pubs, bars and casinos. At the conclusion of a successful pubhopping night a young well-dressed couple hurriedly exited a pub and immediately approached them, asking Slick for help as he seemed to have an Honest Face. Before long a gang of ruffians armed with clubs and machetes swarmed out of the pub, clearly intending to beat everyone up. Guns reacted as Guns usually does, taking cover and drawing both lasers covered all the ruffians (and a few innocent bystanders.) Cai pulled his Gauss Shotgun and pointed it at the hoodlum approaching him, who apparently took exception to this and swung a mighty blow with his machete, almost making a notch in Cai’s armor. For which crime Cai blew him apart. As general bedlam arose Guns cut down ruffian after ruffian (as well as a few bystanders) while Slick herded the young couple out of the fight.

Once all was again still the group quickly headed their separate ways - and Slick started discussing the price of rescue - a grav speeder with a heraldic symbol slammed down near him and the young couple and a quarted of armed and armored guards jumped out, brandishing their guns at him. The confusion was soon settled, the young couple (who, judging by the heraldic symbol and some later net research must have been the daughter of the local head noble and her fiancee) were taken away by their bodyguards (but not before they had handed 1000 cr to Slick.)

On his way from the scene of the ‘fully justifiable self defense’ Cai was approached by a man who told him in no uncertain terms that as long as he left the world before the end of the next day, and never returned, no charges would be sought against him.

The next day the storm system still showed no signs of wanting to leave the area, which for a man with a virtual guarantee of arrest and prosecution was not an ideal position. Luckily, the captain of a makeshift shuttle desperately needed a crew for a run to the high port with a very close deadline. They quickly signed up and somehow made it to the high port through the storm. Once at the high port the captain hurried off to leave his cargo, meeting them later to pay them. In the meantime one of his crewmembers had been kidnapped by someone who wanted his cargo, he enlisted their help after they realized that the cargo was probably both portable and worth a lot. As indeed turned out to be the case, it was two suitcases filled with money, and a rather large amount of high explosives (luckily Guns figured out how to disarm it before it blew after they had opened on case…) On seeing the explosives the captain - not willing to risk the station as well as his bait, eh, helpers, revealed that he was part of the worlds security forces, currently undercover to investigate a local warlord. The kidnapper was one of the warlord’s men who had apparently decided to take the warlords money and flee the system. The characters were soon deputized, stormed the kidnapper’s nest and dispatching them after a massive gunfight. The money was reclaimed by the agent, his partner was rescued, but the warlord’s man was killed in the fight. Still happy that his partner was saved, he promised them that they have a Friend in that system.

With that out of the way it was high time to board the Liner taking them to <mumble, mumble>, now joined by Anders’ character, Jonsey.

Six days passed fairly eventlessly in Jump. The food aboard the liner was good, the company was fairly ok (although some passengers were more pleasant than others), the crew seemed good.

On the last day before emerging from Jump a Misjump happened, breaching the hull. Bad soon turned to worse as there turned out to be several hull breaches, the low berths were crashing, the chief engineer and another crew member were hit by a micrometeorite, one crew member was stuck outside the ship, communications across the ship was down, the launch bay doors were warped making it impossible to launch the lifeboat (which didn’t have room for all anyway), the bridge was struck by a massive chunk of ice and rock killing the pilot and injuring the captain and, of course, the ship was not responding to controls and heading straight for a gas giant in whatever system they were currently in…

With ruthless decisiveness, triage (me first, you later) and even some cunning and skill, most of this was resolved. That last important bit was resolved by crashing the ship into a small moon rather than the gas giant. The captain and Cai tried to nurse the ship to the ground, and very nearly succeeded. The crash was still hard and the captain was killed when the coolant pipes blew, destroying the secondary helm set up in engineering. But, everyone who was not already dead survived. Somehow.

The launch landed near the crashed ship and was soon joined by a belter Seeker who had heard the GK sent by the ship. The Seeker (along with an ore shuttle) took them all aboard, heading for civilization. Or at least the local Belter community.

All characters got four xp. Jonsey is well regarded by the crew and surviving passengers (except for the corporate weasel who he shot in the leg) and crew, while their attitute towards the others is more ambivalent.

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2009-01-01, 17:05:20

That is, Erik Brundin just visited to almost complete his character (needs some equipping)

Stats so far:

Vargr: 1

Heavily customized laser pistols: 2

Mad scientists: 1


Secret Agents: 1

Navy Lieutenants: 1

Gamblers: 1

Merchants: 1

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2009-12-30, 10:40:47

That is, Anders almost completed his character (not fully equipped) and Christer has pretty much completed his (we found out not everything in Ultratech was in the gca file.)

Stats so far:

Vargr: 1

Heavily customized laser pistols: 2

Mad scientists: 1


Secret Agents: 1

Navy Lieutenants: 1

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2008-11-14, 19:52:21

So, this is basically a test post.


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2008-11-09, 01:07:12

That is, Molle and Christer visited today to create their characters.

Stats so far:

Vargr: 1

Heavily customized laser pistols: 2

Mad scientists: 1


I allowed Molle and Christer to buy High TL (11), but, I’m going to go back on that decision as I’ve (after much procrastination) decided to go with this this and this interpretation of tech levels. I.e. The imperium is late TL 10, the Darrians have a few TL11 items. Ancient sites have TL 11 and the odd TL 12 item (and perhaps a few TL11^ and TL12^ ones).

Starting cash is 50000cr for a TL 10 character (B27), of which 20% is actually available (B26.)

The following table copied from http://www.geocities.com/seanr451/techlevel.html as that site is sometimes down.

((Edit, the table isn't actually included here, it's the basic Traveller tl table.)