01. Keep Greenest Safe

((2014-08-28, Christer, Henrik, Lars, Robert))

The group had been hired in a distant settlement by the Chauntean cleric Hanung to escort him to the small town of Greenest, to first deliver a message at the Keep and finally take him to the Chauntean temple. They had enjoyed a safe and uneventful trip until they crested the last hill and saw that Greenest was obviously under attack. Groups of humanoids moved about in the town, several houses were burning and a Dragon was lazily circling above the town.

After some deliberation the group decided to head for the keep (encouraged by Hanung.) En route they encountered several groups of kobolds, human mercenaries and Dragon Cult members, killing or driving them off, capturing one mercenary. They also came across a family fleeing cultists that they brought with them to the keep.

At the keep they - obviously being heroic sorts - were soon enlisted in a mission to help save the town's mill that some of the raiders were setting fire to. Using a secret escape tunnel they left the keep, but while they were standing around inside the tunnel with the door open discussing just what exactly they were to do, they were heard by some raiders who ambushed them as they exited the tunnel. Several of the raiders were killed, but three ran away in separate directions. As the group was in bad shape they retreated through the tunnel back into the keep. ((We said that they were heading out again, but as we noticed what time it was and quit for the night, I've decided that the group is still at the tunnel entrance inside the keep, discussing what to do about healing, etc.))