02 Carnage Roadhouse

((Anders, Christer, Henrik, Lars))

Having acquired the pre-reputation of skilled dragonslayers and dragon-cult foes the group was summoned to meet with the Council Quiet in Waterdeep. There they were informed of the threat the Cult of the Dragon posed to all of Faerun with their plan to summon Tiamat. Apparently another adventuring group (consisting among others of the half-orc paladin Phaedra, who was to join this group now) had found out about the plan and done their best to figure it out and track down the Cult of the Dragon by infiltrating it, but had been outed (and mostly slain), so now another group had to take over.

They were introduced to the council which consisted of important members of the main factions of the area, but not with the full support of their respective factions, at least for now, as most in their factions were focussed on other more immediate threats. The council wanted them to a) find out more about what the cult planned b) Kill the cult's dragonspeakers (only one known so far, a half-dragon named Rezmir) and c) Stop the cult from summoning Tiamat.

To help them they were given 100 gp and one healing potion each, and one greater healing potion for the group to share, with promise of more help later from the factions as the council would work to increase the factions' focus on this threat.

They joined a caravan that had cultists transporting treasure that was headed for Carnath Roadhouse. It was a dangerous journey where they were assaulted by ogres, orcs, trolls and lizardfolk. Many of the other guards died.

At the roadhouse Phaedra found that one of her family's enemies was in charge, another half-orc named Bog Luck. After a few failed attempts att confusing the situation enough to give them an unopposed look at the roadhouse's strongroom, she seduced Bog Luck while the others dug into the strong room. Once there Nergal had barely started searching the room when a hidden hatch in the floor opened and several lizardfolk entered. After a brief fight he managed to flee. Once outside they decided they might as well kill Bog Luck as the lizardfolk were likely to reveal their presence in the strongroom. They managed to knock out and hidden Bog Luck for later questioning, but the Lizardfolk left the strongroom, and a fight followed. They managed to convince the guards that the lizardfolk had kidnappe Bog Luck and were invading the place, but after the lizardfolk were dead they tried to move Bog Luck, but several guards saw it. After a tense moment the guards figured that rather than fight these dangerous lunatics, they would be better off leaving the roadhouse and signing up with the caravan, that was about to become seriously short of guards.

Interrogating Bog Luck and the other cultists gave little they didn't already know. They then killed Bog Luck, but convinced the other cultists that it was part of an intra-cult powerstruggle, and that the cultists should lay low for a few weeks.

Then they headed into the tunnel under the strong room and came out in the Mere of Dead men. There they followed the clearly marked trail, fighting lizard folk and yuan ti before they came up to a camp where several yuan ti rested. They killed these as well, but just as they were about to take a rest several canoes filled with lizardfolk landed at the camp...