03 Snapjaw

((Anders, Erik, Henrik))

A short while into the fight with the lizardfolk it became apparent that one of the lizardfolk wanted to talk to them, but not until the other lizardfolk had been put down. He said he was called Snapjaw, and that he wanted their help getting rid of the bullywugs (and, less importantly, the foreign dragon cultists) that infested Castle Naerytar. As that was quite close to their own goals, the group readily agreed, but wanted a rest before they pressed on deeper into the Mire of Dead Men. During the night a swamp creature called 'The Weed That Walks' attacked. It was a close thing, but they finally killed it, to Snapjaws amazement, that creature had been the bane of the mere for decades and everyone thought it was immortal.

The day after they paddled on to the castle, and decided to kill the bullywugs while they were sleeping. (Snapjaw had revealed that there were maybe a few dozen bullywugs in total. Or maybe many dozens. He wasn't quite clear on the difference between any numbers greater than a dozen. And for that matter not too sure on what a dozen was, other than a fairly large number... As it turned out the bullywugs like to sleep in big heaps in huts, so the first occupied hut they approached turned out to contain about two dozen bullywugs... As they killed nearly all of those, a number of giant frogs awoke and joined the fight, later followed by another dozen bullywugs from another hut.

Around this time Snapjaw figured it was time to bring a few more lizardfolk into the fight (or, possibly run as fast as possible while he still had a hit point left), bringing about a dozen of them into the fight just as it was ending, and a third dozen bullywugs were approaching.

The group was fairly beaten up and really needed a rest so they quickly agreed to pretend that the lizardfolk had managed to drive off the invaders, as there were no inconveniently alive bullywugs nearby to say differently.

It worked out fine, and the group hid in the swamp. Later that night Snapjaw found them and they decided that the following day the lizardfolk, encouraged by more than half of the bullywugs being slain by "Snapjaw's Mercenaries", would start an all-out assault on the bullywugs outside the castle, providing cover for the group sneaking into it.

In the barbican was another dozen or so bullywugs and giant frogs, some of which brought in a further set of bullywug guards from the second floor of the barbican. We ended in the middle of the fight.