04 Castle Carnage

((Anders, Christer, Henrik, Mattias))

The fight pulled in all the guards from the top floor as well before ending in victory halfway down the causeway.

The group continued to the outer courtyard, where they gradually encountered pretty much all the castle's defenders. Azbara Jos showed up briefly to fireball the party twice before - as the number of cultists between him and hte party was growing small, claiming to have more important things to do and running. Some of the lizardmen took the opportunity to try to wipe out the bullywugs inside the castle, but at the end the bullywugs won. Drallmorer Borngray brought in more cultists, but was eventually killed, Pharblex Spattergoo then tried to recruit the party to help him wipe out the lizardmen, but they declined and wiped him out instead. During all this both Grandulf and Leimar fell.

Not quite daring to rest in the castle they fled it, just as the victorious bullywugs from outside rushed into the castle. Avoiding them they then fled into the swamp, their own canoe was missing, but they found another one, with two prisoners in it who turned out to also be sent by the Quiet Councle. At their temporary campsite in the swamp they were assaulted by a dozen crocodiles during the night.

Come morning they returned to the castle, finding it mostly empty and obviously looted by the remaining bullywugs, who then seemed to have disappeared into the swamp.

The session ended as they entered the second level of one of the towers.