07 Ice, Ice, Dragon

((This was written *way* too long after we played (we played 12/12), so I probably missed a lot... Christer, Lars, Henrik.))

The council provided them with a ship with which to sail to the Sea of Moving Ice and search for the iceberg where Maccath the Crimson was said to be. After facing absolutely no random encounters for a couple of days they happened by the iceberg in question. It turned out to be populated by a tribe that served/was really scared of, the dragon whose lair was inside the berg. The shaman was open to suggestions that the tribe would be better off if the dragon was gone, so showed them a way into the lair. Once there they searched it, fighting some kobolds that appeared to work there, found a room full of stuffed monsters (Behir, Yeti, etc) and a ship with a treasure chest stacked against the walls. Not unexpectedly, it was a trap, so when they touched the treasure the monsters animated and attacked. As they were only animated rather than the real monsters they were fairly easy to put down.

Searching further they found a couple of ice trolls guarding a desert-style tent in an ice cave. The tent turned out to contain Maccath the Crimson, imprisoned by the dragon, who had intended to give her to his mate, who was still pinging after the death of her wizard pet (Or, 'dragon rider', as the pet in question would likely have put it.)

She readily agreed to go back to civilization with the group, but there were just a couple of things she needed to pick up from the lair...