08 Double Dragon

((Anders, Christer, Erik, Henrik, Molle. Again, writing long after we played.))

After some debate the group headed down to the dragon's lair, avoiding some ice toads on the way. Near the lair itself they triggered a Slow trap, which soon brought the dragon. After an epic fight the dragon was finally put down. While searching the lair they found that the dragon's wife had returned and was brooding over the treasure... They managed to convince her that they were in fact a delegation from the Cult of the Dragon, and would of course provide her with a large meal. One way or the other... They chose the other, and retreated to cook up a few trolls. The next day they returned to ambush her, which went well, except for her Yeti guards that burst out of nearby piles of snow. Still, the fight ended with the monsters dead and the treasure theirs.

After resting up they told the village that the dragons were gone and headed back home on the ship. Along the way a tribe of humanoid sea monsters tried to wreck the boat a couple of times, but were succesfully fought off.

Back in Waterdeep the Arcane Brotherhood agreed to exchange some minor items they had found for a Quiver of Ehlonna.