09 Thiefhuntinghunting

((Christer, Erik, Henrik, Molle. Again written long after playing...))

With the sage returned it was time to find the white mask. The latest information was that the mask's current holder had had it stolen from him, and he had last been seen heading into the serpent hills. On the way there the group was assaulted by a group of cultists led by a halfdragon riding a dragon while at an inn, ending in the attackers loss.

Once near the serpent hills they learned that a dwarf matching the description of the mask's owner and his group of bodyguards had headed into the hills. They managed to track them and entered the tomb of diderius after them. The statues outside asked what they were searching for and they answered 'knowledge' and were given some warnings in return. Along the way there were several strange traps and undead that seemed to reset each night. At the end they found a room where an illusion covering a clay golem allowed them to continue on after having left an offering. Beyond that was a room where several bearded devils sat. The devils allowed the party to move on past the room unmolested. Beyond that was another strange trap in a room with a pool of mindcatching darkness, and then the tomb itself. A voice spoke out of the sarcophagus saying that it knew why they were there, and that it would open the door to danger. Which it did, revealing a secret door beyond which several lizardmen could be seen in a natural cave. We ended there.