10 Snakes on a (sloping) plane!

((Anders, Christer, Henrik, Molle))

As Diderius opened the secret door the group rushed in, and a fierce fight followed, progressing from the initial room down to a moss-slick steeply sloped bridge over an apparently bottomless ravine. The fight raged on the bridge, with the defending lizardfolk and their yuan-ti masters doing their best to suggest/grapple/shove the group over the edge into the abyss. As the fight progressed, and reinforcements kept coming from deeper in the cave, first Ekemon then Pendar fell into the abyss, finding that on the bottom of the ravine were several swarms of yuan-ti young that did their level best to eat them. Soon thereafter a sorely pressed Sir Baha deliberately stepped off the bridge, gambling that he would be healed by Ekemon, who indeed brought him back from death's door. About then the tardy Drustan showed up at the bridge and was soon swarmed by yuan-ti and brought down. Eventually Bruno climbed down to help the others get up. Meanwhile the yuan ti cut the rope that Bruno had climbed back up on (and had intended to use to pull the others up as their climbing abilities were rather limited) and took Drustans body which they held as a hostage. As their supreme priestess arrived from the furthest chambers, promising that if those who climbed down to the bottom of the ravine would be allowed to live - for now - Bruno managed to retreat into Diderius chamber, followed by two swarms of yuan-ti young. Diderius was offended at the yuan-ti daring to approach his chamber and stunned the swarms, allowing Bruno to slay them easily. The yuan-ti closed and blocked the door, leading Bruno to realise that he had no choice but to leave the tomb. Beyond the doors, Pendar fought bravely to his death, Drustan was slaughtered after a brief interrogation when he woke up, Ekemon was sacrificed to appease Sseth as the yuan-ti were forced to abandon their newly established temple and Sir Baha managed to convince the yuan-ti priestess that he was too valuable as an advisor and should be spared, and was later brought back into the underdark as a slave when the yuan-ti retreated from the area of Diderius tomb.

Back in the overworld, Bruno recruited a new party, fully intending to return to the tomb, but was informed by the Arcane Brotherhood that Diderius had contacted them, saying that the yuan-ti had retreated into the underdark, blocking their tunnels. Diderius also offered some results of his divinations, giving a vision showing the final fate of the White Dragon Mask's thief, he had sailed along the sword coast and his ship had sunk. The vision gave a clear indication of where the ship had sunk.

Harper spies in the underdark have learned that the yuan-ti sold the Black Dragon Mask, and are currently trying to find out who the buyer was.

After some rest and recuperation the newly formed party, adding ??? the Shield Dwarf Trickster Cleric, Pluck the Wood Elf Hunter Ranger, ??? the Human Evoker Wizard and Mar Borsk the (npc) Human Life Cleric, sailed out to find the place where the ship holding the white mask's thief had sunk, bringing along their Caps of Underwater Breathing that the Hidden Council of Waterdeep gave them to enable them to find the Mask.

Once there they dove deep into the ocean, finding the ship at the bottom of a deep reef half mashed into the wall of the reef. They entered the ship, finding several sahuagin barons and some hunter sharks which they managed to slay in a brief but bloody battle. They see before them a cavern leading into the reef.

((We ended here.))