11 Blood in the water

((Anders, Christer, Erik, Henrik, Lars.))

After the group searched the wreck - finding a metal chest with some money and magic - they moved on into the underwater cave. There they fought a couple more barons and sharks that were looking at a pearl etched with a shark tooth pattern. Further in they found what appeared to be a temple with several gigantic sea-snake head statues and a Sahuagin priestess. It turned out she was guarded by several water weird, but all were put down and the altar looted.

Moving on they came to a door blocking their path, and a merfolk came out of hiding and explained that he was there to find a number of dragon turtle eggs stolen by the sahuagin. Together they got the door open using the magic statues in the temple after dispatching another couple of barons. Beyond was a staircase leading up out of the water, ending at a platform on which a strangely powerful Sahuagin baron fought them. When he died his body became that of a Death Slaad...

Pressing on they fought a warped dragon turtle hatchling, sacrificed blood to Sekolah - which gained them a treasure, and made the group's paladin Favored of Sekolah. (Wonder what her god will have to say about that? :) After that they pressed on to the inner sanctum where they fought more Sahuagin. As that combat ended a pulse of cold magic came from the breeding chamber beyond the inner sanctum. There they found large numbers of unconscious Sahuagin connected by streams of what appeared to be white dragon blood pouring from the mask which was mounted to the wall at the back of the room. Also connected with streams of white blood were three heaps of large eggs. As the rooms guardian sharks attacked several Sahuagin bodies burst open and Slaad spawn swam out of them towards the turtle eggs, attacking them to try to get inside the shells and presumably hatch some monstrosity like the warped dragon turtle they had fought earlier.

In the end they did manage to destroy all the spawn before any egg was hatched. They gave the eggs to the care of the merfolk who thanked them profusely, promising to try to return the eggs before the mother dragon turtle woke and found them missing.

WIth that they took the mask, headed back to the surface and returned to Waterdeep.