12 Weekend of play

For whatever reason I didn't write this up until now, six weeks later.

So, very briefly (possibly some are in the wrong order, and I probably missed something):

They left Waterdeep heading for Neronvain's stronghold. On the way they waited out a storm in an old burnt-down farmhouse. During the night they were brought to the house's past on the night it caught fire, and as they woke up a young woman begged them to save her and the house as the house was attacked by several waves of humanoids and finally a young green dragon that fled. In the morning, they woke up in a house that had never burnt down, with several outbildings. The young woman who had begged for their help now the greatgrandmother of the family living there. She recognized them from that horrible day and rewarded them for saving the farm.

Moving on they passed through a vale filled with dead trees where a druid and his werewolf accomplices tried to kill them.

Then they came to a village where they found Gundren Rockseeker, and helped him clear out an old mine and take down the wyvern-using bandits trying to take over the town with the help of the mayor. Gundren told them the Magic Forge had started producing some magic items, often unusual sorts, and gave them one. After that they headed for waterdeep to get the real deed to the mine back from a thieves guild that had helped forge the one the mayor had tried to use. In the thieves guild there was a political struggle between to factions, but the group somehow made it through without triggering any major fight. It turned out the guild was pretty much a front for one of waterdeep's major crimelords, most likely an undead of some kind. He was very interested in their previous mine (i.e. the Magic Forge...)

At some point, there was another cult attack, but I've forgotten when it occurred...