02. Agatha

((Anders, Christer, Henrik))

They head out to Agatha's lair, on the way there and back several orc bands as well as a couple of owlbears are slain. Agatha revealed the current location of the Bowgentle's spellbook (she sold it to a necromancer about a century ago.)

Once back in town they dispose of all the weapons and armor they have collected, at rock bottom prices.

Talking to Daran Edermath he tells them that he wants someone to take a stand against the Redbrand's leader Glasstaff, as well as finding out why someone is digging around the Old Owl Well.

They also find that Sildar has installed himself in the Townmaster's office, leaving old Harbin Wester disgruntled, but pretty much powerless to do anything about it other than grumble about "useless nobles coming in and stealing an honest man's office..." Sildar tells them that anyone who roots out the Orcs from near Wyvern Tor would get paid 100gp, and whoever finds and clears out Cragmaw Castle would get 500gp. But, most importantly, his main purpose in town is to find his predecessor, a man named Iarno Albrek who disappeared about two months ago, after having said that he would take a look at Tresendar Manor. He would gladly pay for information about what has happened to Iarno.

The party decided to head for Old Owl Well, and then continue on to Wyvern Tor. But, they had barely left town before they were ambushed by first one group of goblins, and then another. Still, they made it to Old Owl Well.

((Originally, the following happened, but, I've changed my mind while we paused for several months, instead, everybody got a good night's rest, and made it to Old Owl Well. Also, it seems there is only supposed to be one set of each random encounter... So, from now on, if a random that's already happened is rolled, there is no encounter.

After they were dispatched they decided to head back to Phandalin, and almost walked into a Hobgoblin ambush. (We ended here. Four hobgoblins, two archers fortified behind an impromptu wooden barricade, two among the trees along the side of the trail, about 25 feet in front of them. Noone is surprised, initiative has not been rolled.))