03 Owls, Wyverns and Ruffians

((Anders, Henrik))

The zombies at the Old Owl Well ruins seemed to have been created by a Red Wizard of Thay necromancer, they dispatched some of the zombies before retreating while the remainder were Turned, but the wizard got away during the fight. When they returned the next day his tent and zombies were gone. They tried to track him down but failed. (They could easily track the zombies, but they had split up into several groups headed in different directions.)

At Wyvern Tor they found a cave guarded by a single orc who they tried to take down, but he managed to get off a warning. They did succeed in blocking off the cave exit meaning the orcs (and one ogre) couldn't get out and swarm them, and were eventually all put down.

Once back in Phandelver they decided it was time to take out the Redbrands. First they headed for the inn where they hung out, slew the ones there and captured the bartender, who while professing his innocense was still imprisoned. In the manor they found that the cellar was largish complex with many ruffians, some skeletons, a few hobgoblins, a strange eye-monster and a wizard. After a few hard fights they cleaned it out, except for the sarcofagi which Sildar insisted they leave alone.