06 Black Spider Down

((Anders, Andreas, Christer, Henrik. Andreas via skype+maptools. More technical problems this time. 2.5 hours worth of it before anything worked, and plenty of minor problems after that...))

Soon after entering the dungeon they were attacked by a flight of stirges who were eventually splatted, albeit after they had gorged on blood. Some time after that, in a maze of twisty little passages all alike, they realized that something was trailing them, and they tried to ambush it. It turned out be not a grue, but rather a jelly, an ochre one to be precise. Once the jelly was spread all over they came to a barred door behind which was a group of bugbears, which were reinforced by a few more bugbears. Towards the end of that fight they noticed a drow, which they followed into a room with two more bugbears, several giant spiders and the Black Spider himself. A long and dangerous fight followed, the party was very near to retreating when the Black Spider suggested to Bruno that he ought to run into the room to the statue at the very end of it... This made retreat rather difficult, so instead the party stayed, and won. During a brief rest Morok pried loose one of the huge emeralds from the statue, which triggered a mild earthquake, dropping part of the roof on them. As the emerald turned out to be glass, the group tied up Morok for the remainder of the rest. Continuing deeper into the cave they passed a ravine, came to a room that seemed to lead to an underwater sea, and continued on to a larger cavern where there were two half-ruined houses. One of them contained an ancient guardian spectator that Nermal had almost convinced to leave his post, when Bruno charged into battle. After a few rounds of eye-beams, the spectator was struck down. The party found a magical sword (that Morok took) and a magical pearl (that Nermal took) as well as a brazier that could temporarily turn ordinary weapons and armors into magical ones. Unfortunately said brazier could not be moved out of the room without losing it's magical properties. The other house contained an angry wraith that immediately struck Morok to the ground, but was soon dispatched after that.