07 Dragon It Out

((Anders, Christer, Erik, Henrik, Mattias. Two short sessions for the price of one during our annual game-weekend.))

After Mormesk had been slain they hid in the old wizard's room, only to realize that was where their wizard had been hiding for the last few weeks, having intense discussions about magic with Mormesk all the time (and stealing his spellbook.) During a short rest while searching the remainder of the cave system they were ambushed by a large group of ghouls, and later found a room with several zombies and a flame skull. While they eventually put down the zombies (and the flameskull, several times) they did realize that they did not know how to permanently lay the flameskull to rest, so they left it to guard it's chamber.

Back in town they decided to head for Thundertree, to take care of the dragon they had left untouched the last time. In this they were joined by a sorceror who had come from Waterdeep to recruit them for some scheme involving hunting dragon cultists. Apparently their fame as dragonslayers had not only somehow preceeded them to Waterdeep, it had preceeded the actual fact of them slaying the dragon...

So, they set out to correct this, but as for some reason they sang loudly while walking towards Thundertree ("We're off to slay the Dragon, the dangerous dragon of Thundertree!") the dragon heard them coming, and ambushed them in a flurry of claws and bites, all the while demanding that they surrender and give him all they had. They managed to drive him off and plunder his meager treasure, but he swore to return. Which he did an hour or so later while they were traveling back to town, but while he did down several of them, they slew him in the end, and healed their fallen friends.

Back in Phandelin Gundren grumbled some at their not having put down the flameskull, but in the end was happy to give them their 10% share of any future profits.

Sildar Hallwinter had also received word through his connections that someone in Waterdeep wanted to recruit capable dragonhunters.