Note that I have not yet decided whether the campaign runs in 1997, 2007 or 2017...

Quoted (and slightly edited) from Reddit

Pinebox based off Nacogdoches, East Texas. Well, mostly. Therefore ETU is based off Stephen F. Austin University. So it's fairly easy to get a streetmap of Pinebox, ala GoogleMaps, and it's fairly easy to get a feel for ETU as well. At least for the cosmetic stuff, google is your friend. Raising Cane's is a chicken joint right across the street that is a fairly popular restaurant with the college crowd there, and if I were christening a new Scooby Gang, That's be a likely meetup place.

The area has lots of churches. LOTS OF CHURCHES. Like, you shine a laser from one church doorstep to the next, then go to that next doorstep and shine to the next, ad infinitum, always hitting the next doorstep. In some places, it's even possible in-between towns.

There's a crazy lot of radio interference on the VHF ham frequencies near the courthouse. Dunno why. I just know it's irritating.

Just down the road about 45 minutes or so east is the Caddo Indian Mounds. Very neat place, cool and creepy at the same time. It's not much IRL, but I'd totally use it as a plot point for some mystic speaking-to-the-dead stuff.

About an hour northwest is the Kiloh Monument. A massacre happened there when the West was wild, and it's a huge source rumors about occultism. It's a favored hangout amongst the young. Cops go there periodically to clear the place out at night. Usually successfully.

The piney woods there are thick. REALLY thick. The area is very hilly, but covered in pines. Wild hogs are a huge problem. Your adventurers will likely fight them more than once. There is a feeling of oppression about the whole area; even though it's doing fairly well economically, there's this sense that things aren't quite right. It hangs over the entire East Texas region. There are lots of little 200-400 people communities around that center around a general store (mostly for historical reasons.) Most of the towns have odd names, like Reklaw (Walker spelled backwards) and Nad. Sacle is a great place to take a gang because there's a huge Bluegrass event once a month and it would be a great intro to some weird old people with a story to tell. Also, great music.

There's a distinctly "East Texas" layout for most towns. Essentially, there's a town square built around a courthouse, with a lot of odd shops and businesses built facing inward toward the center. You don't notice it until you've visited several, but they follow that pattern quite often, to the point that it is a peculiarity of the area.

There are lots of community theatres with crazy histories/ghost stories.

Rusk, TX is not too far away. Rusk is most famous for the Rusk State Hospital, a loony bin of some note. Also, it's got a steam train that runs back and forth between Rusk and Palestine, and they do themed night runs periodically throughout the year, like Murder-Mystery, etc. It's worth mentioning, because hey, plot hooks. Also, right next to RSH is a small prison.