Rules & Regulations

We use the Savage Worlds Deluxe Explorers Edition (albeit modified by the East Texas University Players Guide), but most of the rules can be found for free in this Test Drive pdf (can also be found in the dropbox, without the adventure.) Note that ETU does not use Power Points.

Replacement characters (changed from core book p 47)

Any replacement characters have the same number of XP as the one they replace (or as many as the one with the least amount in the group), and are considered to have failed their last Exam (i.e. -2 Academics, see p25.) Yes, even if they are freshmen (in that case, they were just *barely* admitted to university.) and must draw a card on the Cursed table (ETU p15) their first play session only. (If they are actually Cursed, roll twice and take both...)


The Importance of Attributes

Setting Rules:

See ETU Players Guide p 25, as well as the following:

General play:

Critical Failures (corebook p95) When a character rolls a 1 on both his Trait and Wild Die, he can’t spend a Benny to reroll.

Control Your Fate A character can at any time spend a Benny to add something minor to a scene or situation, stating a fact about the world, etc. If I deny it, or if I would have allowed it anyway, I return the Benny. (E.g. saying that a crate to hide behind can be found in a warehouse is likely free, saying that you are already hidden by it probably costs you a Benny, saying that it's falling from the rafters onto your enemies' heads would most likely be denied.)


Area Effect Attacks Without a Tactical Map

When an attack calls for a Template, the attacker rolls the appropriate dice on the table below to determine how many enemies he can affect.

*Or double if the cone is used when the targets are conveniently lined up (such as in a long corridor)

Any PCs allies the GM deems are adjacent to targeted enemies must make an Agility roll to avoid the effects of the attack. This roll is made at a +2 bonus if the attacker got a Raise, and another +2 if it's a cone template.

Dean's List:

Best. Roommate. Ever. The characters can choose to bring along an Extra or two as long as no more Extras are added than there are missing players this session. The first one is the player's choice from this list of random student Extras. Further ones in the same session are The Dean's choice from the same list.

In either case, the players play them. Once a tag-along is selected he/she is named, given a roll on the Allied Personalities table (SWDE:81), entered into Hero Lab and willingly tags along whenever needed until circumstances make that impossible.

NPC Templates

Goons: Skills: d6 in primary—d4 in the rest; Attributes: d6 in primary—d4 in the rest; Wounds: 0 (treat as an Extra—they’re either Shaken or Incapacitated); Wild die: ---

Mooks (The prototypical Extra): Skills: d6 in all; Attributes: d6 in all; Wounds: 0; Wild die: ---

Henchmen: Skills: d8 in primary—d6 in the rest; Attributes: d8 in primary—d6 in the rest; Wounds: 1; Wild die: ---

Right Hand Men; Skills: d8 in primary and any other one skill—d6 in the rest; Attributes: d8 in primary and secondary—d6 in the rest; Wounds: 2; Wild die: ---

Bosses (Wild Card): Create them just like Wild Cards.

After University?

It's a long way to go yet, but, any Edges and Hindrances that relate to school life can be exchanged if/when the character becomes an Alumni.