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This is stuff I've found around the net, it looks interesting, so I might decide to use it. If you like something here, talk to me.

New Hindrances

Incompetent (*Skill*) (Minor) (savage shadowrun)

A natural 1 on the Skill die (regardless of the Wild Die)

leads to an annoying complication when using the chosen


Flashbacks (Minor/Major)

The character has a certain trigger which induces

Flashbacks if they fail on a Spirit (-2) roll:

Minor: The character is instantly shaken

Major: The character is instantly shaken and takes 1 level

of fatigue (this fades automatically after the character had

time to collect themselves)

Destitute (Minor)

This Hindrance is found in Deadlands Noir.

Add: A Destitute character can never have more money than 10% of

normal starting funds. So if a normal character in the setting begins the

game with $150, a Destitute character can never keep more than $15 at

a time.

Poverty (Minor) (House Rules Companion.pdf)

Replace the last sentence with: In general, all money acquired is

halved immediately. If a character with Poverty chooses to hold on to

that money, there will be consequences. The GM draws a card and

refers to the following table:

Spade Debt Collector: One of your creditors comes to collect on a debt

owed. They let the debt stand, but with interest. The next time

significant funds are acquired (GM’s discretion), all are lost.

Heart Poor Health: Keeping your money means fewer funds for basic

necessities, like food, shelter, or a bath. Your hero suffers a level

of Fatigue that remains for a week as he limps back to health.

Diamond Bruiser: Somebody comes calling to collect on debts owed, and

they aren’t nice about it. Take a wound and roll on the Injury

Table. The injury remains until all wounds are healed.

Club Robbed: Whether it’s a creditor collecting with interest, word got

out that you had money in hand, or just a random mugging, you

become the victim of a thief. All money and valuables that are not

secured somehow are lost.

Joker Wiped Out: As with Robbed, above, but your hero is cleaned out

completely. All valuables and money are lost, and you gain the

Destitute Hindrance.

Clumsy (Minor)

Some people fall over their own feet. Characters with this Hindrance

suffer a -2 penalty to Agility rolls.

Glass Jaw (Major) ?

Some people just can’t take a solid hit. The character suffers a -2

penalty to Soak rolls.

Oblivious (Minor)

A character with this Hindrance often misses important details, and

suffers a -2 to all Notice rolls.

New Edges


Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+

Your hero has an encyclopedic knowledge of a variety of subjects, or

maybe just a really good memory for details. He gains +2 to all Common

Knowledge rolls.

Stunt Driver

Requirements: Veteran, Driving d8+

Your hero can pull off amazing stunts behind the wheel. When

attempting any Maneuver in a wheeled vehicle, the penalty is reduced by

1. For example, a Bootlegger Reverse only suffers -3 penalty.

Maneuvers with a starting penalty of 0 do not require a Driving roll.

Furthermore, a Stunt Driver can spend a Benny to reroll on the Out of

Control and Critical Hit tables when driving a wheeled vehicle, choosing

which result is preferred


Requirements: Novice, Strength d6+, Vigor d6+

Some people are just more athletic than others. A hero with this Edge

adds +2 to Strength rolls to climb, leap, or swim. In addition, Pace is

increased by +1 when running.

Evasion (from Die Toten)

Prerequisite: Heroic; Improved Dodge

You are preternaturally quick on your feet and can duck for cover like no other. Any time you are caught

in the blast of an Area of Effect attack (such as an explosion or Conefire weapon blast) you can make an

Agility -2 check to roll out of the way. If the check succeeds you may place yourself at the edge of the

affected area.


Requirements: Novice, Gambling d8+, Security d6+, Persuasion d8+

A scoundrel lives just outside of the boundaries of the law but usually gets out of

trouble with a quick tongue. If that doesn’t work, shooting is always an option. You

receive +2 to Charisma and +1 to Gambling, Stealth, Security, and Smarts tricks rolls.

This is slightly modified version of the Scoundrel Edge taken from Savage Space by

Marcus Burggraf.