Pre-Computer Games and Backstory

Well, I did technically have a computer before I played my first rpg, but a zx-81 wasn't exactly suitable for note taking. And, I didn't think of it. :)

After that I did take notes on occasion, but didn't really save them anywhere, and the diskettes/hard disks in question are long since gone. I have assorted paper notes/character sheets/random stuff in various places, but I'm not going to try to find and make sense of them. Didn't really get serious about note taking until we started using vtts/email.

Bought Traveller early 1980, played Basic D&D with a teacher that summer, convinced a few classmates to play D&D with me for a few years, slowly switching over to Runequest over the years. Some people joined, some left.

Went to a scout camp in Sevenoaks in 1981 and met some more people from Umeå (Teg, specifically) that played rpgs. Still playing with one of those and a friend of theirs that joined soon after. :) Got Call of Cthulhu at Games Workshop.

I convinced a friend in Sikeå to play Traveller with me, so we did that for a few years when I was in Sikeå with grandmum or Ånäset with my dad.

Started playing a lot with my new friends from Teg, mostly BRP, Traveller and various FGU games. Again some people left and some joined, including another guy I still play with.

A few years later I drifted back into D&D after making a couple of new friends that had recently moved to Umeå from various far north places. Played with them for years.

In the early nineties one of the Teg friends invited me to a campaign a friend of his was DMing, so I played in that as well for years. Made some new friends here, including one I still play with. Mostly the various d&d editions, but with a bit of gurps and probably a few more games, including some board games.

Turns out I did like board games that are 'rpg like'. I.e. coop/semi-coop ameritrash. :) So, I got and played several of those.

Started painting minis again, got more boardgames, played a fair amount. Then:

Pandemic... So, we switched to virtual play in 2020, and have kept that up since. One of us plays from Stockholm now, so even if the virus was to magically disappear one day vtt play would still be the norm.

As for vtt:s, started with maptool a long time ago (2004ish at a guess) as a way to project a map on the table/show it on a tv, did a fair amount of code contributions to it. Tried a few others (FG for instance), but didn't like them. Switched to foundry when the pandemic came along, made a Traveller system (Twodsix) that I kept up for a bit (now another guy keeps it running). When I switched to Pathfinder I wanted more automation/QOL for that, so wrote the PF2e Workbench module that, to quote the description is a "Random assortment of possibly useful doodads, thingumabobs and whatchamacallits for the foundry vtt pf2e system.". Other than that I wrote and maintain the Foundry Swedish translation module, and have made contributions to a bunch of other modules as well as the pf2e system.