11. Death of a Gnome

Post date: Oct 2, 2012 4:16:24 PM

((Erik, Lars, Molle))

This was our first session after converting from Pathfinder. Some changes include:

Grandulf has always* been a Tiefling Wizard (Fire)/Cleric of Nethys with vestigial wings, soulseer ability and scales.

Acara has always* been a Falchion-using Fighter (Two-Handed)

Whereas Abe is a new acquaintance, a Druid with a Tiger named Stripes.

Having cleared out the Mites they followed MikMek to the Sootscale Tribe's caves where they had agreed to return the statue to Chief Sootscale. When he got the statue he immediately crushed it, proclaiming himself free of it's curse. They agreed to slay Tartuk, and quickly did just that with the tribe watching. As Grandulf drank Tartuk's blood, the tribe cheered. Maybe that peculiar scaled being was part Kobold? Upon reading Tartuk's book they found out that he was a reincarnated Gnome sorcerer.

A treaty was soon negotiated between the Sootscale Tribe and the group. The Kobolds are granted their land, and in return are to trade peacefully with Oleg (furs and moon radishes mostly.) Mikmek is to act as ambassador with the tribe, and is to stay at Oleg's.

After leaving the kobolds (except for MikMek) they headed back towards Oleg through some unexplored terrain. At Nettle's Crossing Acara rang the bell, causing David Nettle to rise from the waters. Grandulf and Acara attacked before he had a chance to speak, so he attacked back, almost slaying Acara with one mighty blow. As he struck he said 'You are not my tormentors...', causing the group to step back and try talking, which worked. He promised not to haunt them if they threw the body of the Stag Lord in any of the rivers in the area.

Later they found hidden treasure under a tree at the location marked on a map they had found.

Eventually they got back to Oleg's.

* As in "We've always been at war with Eastasia"...