13. A Dead Bandit Tells No Tales

Post date: Mar 1, 2013 4:25:58 PM

((Anders, Andreas, Lars))

After cleaning out the bandits a few months were spent recuperating and then relatively eventlessly exploring some more.

The Kobolds have been (for kobolds) peacefully patrolling their area, occasionally harangued by 'The Great and All-Powerful Dragon Emperor of the Infite Forests' (as Perlivash has lately named himself) who they have accepted as their Dragon. Or, rather, Perlivash has accepted that they are his to play tricks on.

Exploration has led them to the place where the Stag Lord has his keep.

<<This all happened off screen during the months of no actual gameplay, I fastforwarded a bit>>

As they remembered that a bandit prisoner (several months ago) had told them that the bandits used a password that changed every week they decided to catch a few bandits and interrogate them. Unfortunately, caving a bandit's skull in with the flat of a sword leaves him just as dead as impaling with a lance, cutting in half, biting to death or stabbing in the gut does... Their second ambush went a bit better, and they did manage to interrogate a bandit, leaving them with a couple of days to infiltrate the keep.

They bought a couple of barrels of cheap wine from Oleg, put them on a cart and headed south. As we ended they can see the keep in the background and they have 2 days until the password is changed.