08. Hell comes to Frogtown!

Post date: May 7, 2012 9:44:33 PM

((Anders, Lars, Molle))

While looking for the pond full of monsters they come across a hunter named Gif, who eventually agrees to stop fleeing if they agree to not actually kill him. Further conversation revealed that he had quite a bit of information to part with, in exchange for not only a perpetual hunting license, but a position as border ranger in the new kingdom they were about to found.

With his help it was easy to find the pond (with definitely no strange women distributing swords.) Soon after approaching the water a huge frog attacked, jumping from on top of a huge pillar that was standing there for some reason, and soon swallowed Acara while being pelted with fireballs, acid flasks and large slingstones. Swallowing Acara was not a good idea however, as she soon tried to eat her way out (yes, eat, apparently insanely strong people who go all out Extra Effort can do quite a lot of damage with their bite...) The frog soon realized that hopping off to the pond to drown Acara wouldn't work, as it was now beyond extra heavy encumbrance, and seriously wounded, so it spat her out and hopped off into the pond, where it soon croaked. Rather loudly. And then it died. :)

Answering the batrachian call for vengeance soon brought a troll out of the water, which tried to attack Acara, but was soon disabled (conscious, without one leg, no longer stunned, has taken 53 damage, 7 of which is fire.) The fire damage came when Grandulf tried to finish it off with his newest and most favorite spell, Explosive Fireball. Unfortunately, the spell fell a bit short. It did injure the troll (the 7 fire damage above), but, alas, Grandulf took the full brunt of the blast, and was not only knocked unconscious, but was also set on fire...

Meanwhile another huge frog jumped out of the water and onto the stone pillar, trying to decide which tasty morsel to swallow...

((5 xp))