09. A Mite of a Tree

Post date: Jun 9, 2012 3:36:41 PM

((Lars, Anders, Erik))

The troll and frogs were finally dispatched, at the cost of two near-fatal injuries. The injured were put on the surviving horse, and carted off back to Oleg's where they were healed by the local priest. Oleg revealed that he had found a treasure map in a boot they had found and sold him earlier, it showed a claw-shaped tree on a hill. They set out to find said tree. After a couple of days travel they noticed they were being watched. The watchers were scared off, but they decided to follow them. It turned out they were probably Mites, and they were heading for a huge tree on top of a hill... (True, it wasn't claw-shaped, but worth a try.)

((4, 5 for erik))