01. Bandits Ambushed

Post date: Jul 12, 2011 8:57:00 AM

(Anders, Lars, Molle)

Having been granted a charter for the exploration and settlement of the southernmost part of Brevoy, known as the Greenbelt, our intrepid heroes set out to clear the land of bandits and other monsters.

On reaching Oleg's Trading Post, situated at the very north end of their charter they learnt that Oleg and his wife Svetlana thought that they were there in response to their pleas to the Swordlords for aid against the bandits that had troubled them for the past few months. As luck would have it, the bandits were expected to return the very next morning, so a plan to ambush them was soon hatched. They intended to dig a shallow 2 feet deep pit trap (so as to not risk the horses breaking their legs), but a slight miscommunication caused Grandulf to instead dig it two *yards* deep... Oleg stood in plain sight on the other side of the pit trap, Svetlana acted as lookout, Doobin hid on a rooftop with his sling, Acara crouched behind a wagon next to the gate, Grandulf hid on another roof. Unfortunately Svetlana missed the bandits' approach, so they had already entered the post before our heroes were aware of the bandits. Of the three front riders, one crashed into the pit (the rider managed to throw himself clear, but broke his spine, while the horse lay in the pit, screaming, for the rest of the combat), one managed to stop his horse, and one for some reason had decided to have his horse climb a table, and failed. Acara chopped one rider to bits, Doobin panicked the leader's horse with a sling bullet and Grandulf powered up his fireball while Oleg and Svetlana headed for safety on one of the towers. Over the next few rounds, Acara chopped up another rider, Doobin reloaded and shot at the leaders horse again, the leader shot a couple of arrows at Acara while ignoring his panicking horse (luckily Acara managed to block the shot for her left eye), before Acara cut him down. On impact his Alchemist's fire exploded, and simultaneously Grandulf loosed his fireball on him. The table-mounting bandit tried to flee, but was also cut down. In the end, two exhausted horses survived, as did the crippled bandit.

Oleg rewarded the group with the spoils of the fight (Molle has the list), as well as 300 copper and a potion each (2 minor healing and one strength.) He also gave them free room and board 'for at least as long as there is still horse meat.'

Oleg and Svetlana also promised a reward if the group:

a) killed 6 bandits

b) retrieved Svetlana's wedding ring which the bandits had taken

They mentioned the hermit (Bokken) that lives to the southeast and sometimes comes to trade potions he has brewed. Other than that they do not know of anyone but the bandits that live nearby.