02. Into the wilderness

Post date: Jul 26, 2011 4:40:36 PM

((Lars, Molle, Henrik))

After interrogating and subsequently executing the captured bandit, our heroes ride out into the wilderness. Before reaching the spot where the bandit had said the bandit camp was, some faerie tricksters (led by 'Emperor' Perlivash, a faerie dragon), play some tricks on them, but the faeries are eventually revealed. After a brief bargaining session, Perlivash reveals the true location of the bandit camp, and tells the group of a few other things nearby. The group, astonished that a bandit would lie to them, head for the real location of the bandit camp. Once there, Grandulf burns down a guard in a watch tower, while the rest charge the charging bandits. The bandit leader (a woman named Kressle) does some real damage to Derek, but is soon put down by him and Acara. Meanwhile one of the three bandit archers is burnt to a crisp by Grandulf, leading the surviving two to the conclusion that he who lives may well have a beer another day, so they head for the woods, and get away.

Much looting follows, the bandits had a surprising amount of loot, much of it in bags and boxes marked 'Oleg'. ((Again, Molle has the list.))

((Everyone got 6 cp.))