06. War Pigs

Post date: Mar 30, 2012 2:46:01 PM

((Anders, Erik B, Lars, Molle))

Back at Oleg's a mystical hunter named Hugo (Erik) joined the group, fittingly as it turned out that when they continued their exploration of the nearby area, they soon ran into a small herd of wild boars (a huge sow and heir three nearly grown piglets), leading to a long battle during which one of the groups horses was seriously gored before the boars were finally put down. The horse is in bad shape (-3 hp), but no longer bleeds due to magical intervention by Grandulf. Unfortunately, his magics slightly warped reality, bringing his appearance closer to his ancestors as a mass of squirming tentacles grew from his face. (Unnatural Feature 4, roll HT-4 each day to lose one level, back to his original UF 2.)