07. Trolling for Bandits

Post date: Apr 22, 2012 8:47:17 AM

((Anders, Erik, Lars))

Soon after the boars were put down a dwarf walked up to the party, showed that he had also been assigned to the Greenbelt and explained that he was now part of the group. The elf - of course - walked off in a huff, proclaiming that he'd *never* work with a dwarf. ((e.g. Erik switched characters))

After some perfunctory attempts to extract some rations from the chopped up boars the group continued their explorations. The next night a group of bandits tried to rob them while they were in their camp. Two bandits were quickly put down, but while the other two were being pursued two accidents happened. The surrounding bushes were set on fire - and as it was a massively dry day, so were the grassy plains to the north. While this was playing out Acara rode off in pursuit, but the horse tripped on a root and broke it's neck, and Acara's leg was mangled in the fall, letting the two bandits get away. The group did take the two dead bandits heads as well as their gear, though the remaining horse is probably starting to complain about the weight...

A few days later a hideous green humanoid monster attacked from ambush, it was strong and fast, but still easily chopped to bits without any major problems. Not far after they left the site of the combat (with the monster's head in the bag along with the bandits), a very similar monster somehow appeared just behind their remaining horse, slashing it badly. Another fight ensued, but as they now realized they were fighting a regenerating troll, acid was used, thus hopefully putting the troll down for good. With the troll hopefully down for good, they continued towards the pond where the fairies had said several huge monsters lived.