Attach your characters' gca and/or pdf files here! NPC's and PC's welcome.

If you don't have gca, attach your character in whatever format you have...

7z files with updated gca data files, data sets, characters, and .ini files can be found here:

Unpack gca.7z into your "GURPS Character Assistant 4" folder inside your documents folder, most likely it's ok to replace every file (unless you've edited a file, in which case you hopefully know what to do. :) The ini files can be put into the appropriate location depending on your operating system, see the GCA faq.)

If you've edited characters locally, don't unzip characters.7z... But, do mail me a zipped character file, or attach it to this page.

Hints and tips:

This short article lists the skills every adventurer should have.

And this one lists what attribute and skill levels actually mean.

And here's one on Size Modifiers