160 points reasonably heroic gurps characters using templates from Gurps DF On the Cheap, -75 points disadvantages, 5 quirks.

Not so briefly:

  • Select a 10 point 'Campaign Trait' from the Kingmaker Player's Guide (see the list below for the effects of those I've already converted from pathfinder)
  • Select a template from Gurps DF On the Cheap
    • A 100 point template with a 50 point lens
    • A 150 point template
  • Choose your race from the races in Gurps DF:3 (See the section 'Affording Racial Templates', all options but 'Overlap' are ok to use.
  • Add disadvantages up to -75 pts (You only get full points for the first Vow, Sense of Duty, Obsession. Any beyond must be selected as quirks. No outright evil/psychotic characters allowed, shady/amoral is fine though.)
  • Add quirks up to -5 (it's ok to leave a few undefined for now)
  • Spend any excess points according to the rules given on the Character Advancement page
  • Buy equipment (choose from the DF books, Gurps Characters), note that TL is 3.
  • Don't forget name, background, etc.

See Characters page for link to gca files.

House Rules for character creation:

  • Wealth affects selling loot somewhat differently than stated in the DF books. I'll use the groups average Wealth when you sell stuff (adding up points spent on Wealth, dividing by the number of current group members, 'buying' Wealth for that), and then reduce it by one. (See Gurps DF2:p.14-15.)
  • If you have a Size Modifier other than 0, do *not* use the rules in Gurps Dungeon Fantasy 1 and 3, instead look on page 20-21 of Gurps Low-Tech Companion 2. (I.e. in GCA, use the LTC2:Scaling... modifiers, *not* the Dungeon Fantasy: Oversized and Dungeon Fantasy: SM... ones.)

Allowed books during character creation:

Gurps Characters

Gurps Campaigns

Gurps DF 1-13

Gurps Magic

Gurps Power-ups 2: Perks

Pyramid articles about: Justicar, Mystic Knights, Demolisher, Musketeer

Possibly allowed books, for those with appropriate templates/reasons (suggestion given in parenthesis):

Gurps Thaumatology (wizard, druid, cleric)

Gurps Thaumatology: Magical Styles (wizard, druid)

Gurps Magic: Plant School (wizard, druid)

Gurps Action 3: Furious Fists (ninja, assassin, maybe swasbuckler, maybe knight)

Gurps Powers: Divine Favor (cleric, holy knight)

Gurps Thaumatology: Urban Magic (wizard)

Gurps Martial Arts (knight, ninja, assassin, artial artist)

Gurps Martial Arts: Gladiators (knight)

Gurps Low Tech (gear)

Gurps Low-Tech Companion 1-3 (gear)

Gurps Fantasy (gear, possibly races)

Gurps Dungeon Fantasy 14 (new template)

Gurps Power-ups 1: Imbuements (Mystic Knight)

Campaign Traits:

  • Brigand
  • Trading Points For Money [2] (i.e. $1000 in untraceable cash)
  • Reputation (Brigand) (All the time, Small class: 'Brigands, thieves, bandits and their ilk.') [2]
  • Gangster Swagger [1]
  • Brigand Talent gives(+1 to SK:Area Knowledge, +1 to SK:Camouflage, +1 to SK:Intimidation, +1 to SK:Smuggling, +1 to SK:Tactics) [5]
  • Issian
  • Extra Fatigue Points 1 [3]
  • Mind Shield 1 [4]
  • Patience of Job. [1]
  • Fearlessness 1 [2]
  • Sword Scion
  • Trading Points for Money [1] (i.e. $500, you must use it to buy a broadsword or a rapier. You can spend more on it, or get it as signature gear.)
  • Aldorian Sword Style Familiarity [1] (Note, no one will actually teach you the style until you are at least at 250 points...)
  • Quick-Sheathe (Sword) [1]
  • Favor (6 or less; grants Aldorian Sword Style training) [2]
  • Sword Scion Talent [5] (gives(+1 to SK:Broadsword, +1 to SK:Rapier))
  • Rostlander
  • Hard to Kill 1
  • Resistant to Disease 1
  • Resistant to Poison 1


Other than what can be gleaned from taking a look through the Kingmaker Player's Guide, the following post by the inestimable Dr Kromm has good (and brief) advice about creating adventurers: Everyman skills