Some clarifications/house rules on demonologists...

They use Conjured creatures instead of Summonable (DF9:4), they must take Slightly Harder Summoning (-10%) as it requires a successful 'Summon Demon' spell (*after* the availability roll), and Unwilling (-50%) and Minion(+50%) (those two together mean that the Ally might rebel temporarily, but can be summoned again.)

A summoning works as follows:

1) Roll availability, stop here if it fails

2) (optional) Cast Pentagram spell

3) Cast Summon Demon spell

4) Roll for demon type that appears (choose if crit success on Summon Demon, or caster has the True Name of a specific Demon/demon type and uses it.)

5) Roll for reaction of demon (regular reaction modifiers, plus Demonic Attunement), see reaction table on DF5:5 (B494-495,559-562.)

5a) On a roll of Poor or less, if a successful Pentagram was cast, the demon tries to force it's way through the Pentagram, then attacking or running away as appropriate if it succeeds. If it fails, it stays in the pentagram until the caster dismisses it or improves it's reaction somehow (at a cumulative -2 per additional attempt.)

6) If successfully summoned, the demon stays until the caster dismisses it. As it is Unwilling, if it percieves weakness in the summoner, it may choose to run off or possibly attack the summoner (e.g. if the caster goes unconscious/dies), what it does in that case depends on how well the caster has treated it.

How to roll for demon depends on how many premade demons there are... (or roll for base type, then roll type of addon package, create in gca)

Demon types:

Base type:

Devilkin DF9:33

Hellhound DF5:26

Imp DF5:26

Petty Demon DF9:32

Standard Demon DF9:34

Unholy Divine Servitor DF5:12

Addons (choose till cost is as close below package cost as possible)

Divine Servitor: Chaos, Darkness, Deception, Evil, Fire, War (all 50)

Demon addons DF9:34 (25-50 each)