Religions encountered so far:

Erastil - God of hunting

Nethys - God of Magic

Spells per PI: Aura,1; Bladeturning,1; Block,1; Conceal Magic,1; Decay,1; Detect Magic,1; Detect Poison,1; Find Direction,1; Frailty,1; Great Ward,1; Hardiness,1; Identify Spell,1; Know Illusion,1; Lend Energy,1; Lend Vitality,1; Magelock,1; Missile Shield,1; Recover Energy,1; Reflect Gaze,1; Scryguard,1; Scrywall,1; Seek Magic,1; Sense Danger,1; Sense Spirit,1; Shade,1; Share Energy,1; Shield,1; Summon Spirit,1; Turn Blade,1; Ward,1; Watchdog,1; Analyze Magic,2; Command Spirit (nån lämplig typ),2; Destroy Water,2; Encrypt,2; False Aura,2; Know Location ,2; Major Healing,2; Minor Healing,2; Resist Fire,2; See Invisible,2; Seeker,2; Steal Energy,2; Truthsayer,2; Vigor.,2; Affect Spirits,3; Ancient History,3; Blight,3; Copy,3; Cure Disease,3; Dispel Possession,3; Find Weakness,3; Foul Water,3; Gift of Letters,3; History,3; Oath,3; Resist Cold,3; Scribe ,3; See Secrets,3; Sickness,3; Turn Zombie ,3; Weaken,3; Astral Vision,4; Divination,4; Earthquake,4; Echoes of the Past,4; Hail ,4; Images of the Past,4; Inscribe,4; Magic Resistance,4; Memorize,4; Rive,4; Shatter,4; Strengthen Will,4; Wisdom,4; Wither Limb,4; Atmosphere Dome,5; Burning Death,5; Disintegrate,5; Explode,5; Force Dome,5; Know True Shape,5; Mapmaker,5; Mystic Mark,5; Planar Summons (Divine Servitor),5; Recall,5; Ruin,5; Sandstorm,5; Spell Shield ,5; Spell Wall,5; Suspend Magic,5; Bind Spirits (nån lämplig typ),6; Bless,6; Curse,6; Deflect Missile,6; Dispel Magic,6; Drain Magery,6; Drain Mana,6; Entrap Spirit,6; Force Wall,6; Gauntness,6; Hang Spell,6; Plant ,6; Remove Aura,6; Remove Curse,6; Restore Mana,6; Suspend Enchantment,6; Suspend Magery,6; Suspend Mana,6; Trace,6; Utter Dome ,6; Utter Wall,6; Weather ,6;