If a player hesitates for too long in combat, I'll start to count down to five, when five is reached the character will be considered to be All Out Defending unless another action has been chosen, and I'll move to the next player.

Number of attacks (MA:126-127)

Each maneuver states how many attacks it gives (normally 1, All Out Attack (Double) gives 2)

Add one to that for each level of Extra Attack (at no penalty)

One of the above attacks can be replaced with one of

  • Rapid Strike (-6 (or -3 if WM or TBM) to all Rapid Strike attacks, max adjusted skill 12, Extra Effort (Flurry of Blows) halves this penalty at a cost of 1 FP)
  • Combination (-"-) MA:80
  • Dual Weapon Attack (-4 to both attacks, possibly off-hand penalty)

Can trade attacks for feints, if so they are affected by penalties.

When attacking multiple opponent, each 'empty'/not attacked hex between opponents wastes one attack (unless maneuver explicitly states this is not the case)

Altered Time Rate simply gives it's user two turns instead of one, and otherwise follows these rules.

Extra Effort in Combat (MA:131)

Only characters with WM/TBM can use this (as well as some monsters, when I remember to. :)

Only one Extra Effort option can be used per turn (but that option might well allow spending several FP for extra effect.)

Two-Handed Weapons (MA:123)

Half penalty for multiple parries (cumulative with halving from WM/TBM) (B376)

New Maneuvers

Move and Ready allows you to Ready an item and move your full Move. Only dodge. Roll DX-2 to ready the item without dropping it.

All-Out Ready and Move allows you to automatically ready an item and move at full Move. Normal All Out rules (i.e. no defenses.)

First Aid: Concentrate maneuver, First Aid/Esoteric Medicine-10 = 'instant' first aid (1d-3HP, crit succ=3,HP crit fail = -2HP)

Advice: Roll Tactics to give advice, gets +2 on all rolls that turn for crit, +1 on success, -1 on fail, -2 on crit fail ONE per turn.

Encouragement:Roll Leadership to give +1 to your side's Fright Checks, mind control or fear resistance, self control in combat. +2 on crit, -2 on crit fail. ONE per turn.

Observation: Concentrate to get GM to roll secret Strategy roll, success means GM gives opponents general plan. Failure = GM lies.

Light sources

Vision and combat at -3 to 3*light radius.


Stealth to sneak ahead, QC against any guard's Hearing and Vision.

Observation to see interesting details. If within 7 yards, Lip Reading to 'hear' what they say.

Traps to see traps.

Tracking to see tracks.

Closely follow monster, win QC Shadowing against Vision.


Recognition: Heraldry (humanoids), Hidden Lore (as appropriate), Naturalist (animals, vermin), Occultism (mythical), Thaumatology (magical)

Success means identification, plus one useful fact per two points of succes. Crit fail = GM lies.

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