Daily Travel Routine


Use the slowest Move in the group (or mount's move if normally mounted.)

Groups best Navigation (-5 if no compass/sundial) > 20=+1 line, best Weather Sense > 16 =ignore most weather effects, worst Hiking/Riding/Skiing < 11= -2 lines OR < 13 -1 line OR > 17 +1 line.

If all are mounted simply use the slowest mount's speed. If more than one spare mount per person, +1 line.

If foraging (i.e. living cheaply), -1 line.

Weather can subtract 1 line (e.g. rain, snow), 2 lines (e.g. storm), 3 lines (e.g. severe storm), 4 lines (e.g. hurricane), or stop travel altogether.

Traveling (Time to cross 1 hex)

Exploring (Time to fully explore 1 hex)


Subtract meals per person as per table above (-1 FP per skipped meal until 'paid back' with a full day's rest per 3 FP lost.)

Roll for foraging if time is taken for that (trained only, success and fail, see above, crit fail = no rations consumed), characters with SoD:Nature take a -3 to the roll (won't hunt, forage plantlife that is likely to cause harm.)


One roll per Tracker, -2 wastes, -4 goo. Success = full speed, fail = 10% slower, crit fail 20%


Secret Cartography roll. Crit=using map gives +1 to appropriate tasks, Success=useful map, fail=obviously useless map, crit fail=GM lies


Roll random encounters (usually 1-3 d6, encounter on 1) (1 roll on entering unexplored hex, one roll on exploring hex thoroughly, one roll at night)

If any party members are lucky, unlucky or have weirdness magnet this *will* change the frequency and type of the encounters...

Success on Perception/Observation (maybe QC against Stealth) means party not partial surprised (at night non-watchmen awake but prone), crit success party can set up ambush, or ignore encounter entirely.


Set up camp (QC monster Vision vs highest Camouflage+number of partymembers trained in Camouflage-number of partymembers, success gives watch two changes to detect approaching monsters, use Traps skill in dungeons instead of Camouflage.)

Off-topic note:

(The above rules for travel speed are for this campaign, a better summary of the 'real' rules for travel speed would be: If it matters, roll for travel speed (Navigation -5, Weather Sense, worst result of group's Hiking/Riding/Skiing, each gives -10% travel time/+10% travel time/+20% travel time for succ/fail/crit fail cumulatively.))