Crafting stuff


The standard rules apply, except that you have to keep track of the total sum of all items your character has crafted ('total crafting value')

As for what I allow:

If it's not legal for play in PFS I'm unlikely to allow it (I'm likely to revisit this decision later, but for now, this applies.)

Is it in the CRB, APG, UC, UM, UE, ISWG, 'your race' player companion, 'your class' player companion, 'your homeland' player companion, 'the campaign' player companion I'll probably allow it.

If it's from some other book, you have to explain how your character came up with it (research, saw it in play, whatever), if both explanation and item seem reasonable, I'll probably allow it.

If it's a combination of items (i.e. a 'custom item'), I'll probably allow it if:

a) I'd allow all the individual items

b) all items use the same slot (or are slotless) and crafting feat (i.e. no combining a ring and a wand...)

c) the pricing seems appropriate. (I will err on the side of increasing the price if I'm in doubt.)

How to craft stuff

  1. Ask me for permission (see above) to craft/improve the item, unless:
  2. Use the crafting rules.
  3. Add the purchase price of the item (or the price difference if you improved an item) to the 'total crafting value' of your character.
  4. Use/give away/sell/wantonly destroy the item.