Plot Points

Plot Points (replaces Hero Points)

Each player gets character level/4 (round up) Plot Points per session in the form of Plot Twist cards, any unused cards at the end of the session are lost. Additional Cards may be handed out for for especially cool play. Cards can be spent by the player or given to another player at any time.

The DM gets one Plot Point per player present, plus one per challenging encounter (CR>=APL+1) started.

Any Plot Points remaining at the end of the session are lost.

Plot Points can be used in any of the following ways:

1 Get the effect written on the card.

2 Reroll one die you just rolled, accept new result.

3 Ignore all effects of one condition until the end of your next turn (including Death...) with the option to continue spending Plot Points to keep ignoring the condition. If the condition is somehow removed (e.g. by the causing spell being dispelled, by the duration running out, by a successful save, etc) before the character runs out of Plot Points the character will not be further affected by it.

4 When you have drawn a card (e.g. a Crit or Fumble card), draw another one and use that instead.

5 At double the cost, any of the above options on a character not controlled by you. (Mostly to affect monsters or npcs, to help other players, just give them the Plot Point instead.)

If a character already has Hero Points, they are turned into Plot Points (and must thus be used during the current session.) If a character has feat, spell or magic item that uses hero points, the character gets to select something else with the same cost.