01 The Smiling City

Post date: Dec 7, 2013 11:19:45 PM

((Andreas, Christer, Henrik))

After thoroughly looting the yeti caves the caravan proceded up the ramp out of the Path of Spirits and onto the city of Ordo-Aganhei. There they were at first treated with suspicion - how could a caravan come out of the north at this time of year? - but soon the advisor of the city's ruler appeared and invited them to visit the ruler.

The ruler turned out to be somewhat insane - if always smiling and happy - but arranged a number of feasts in their honor. During the feasts they - mostly through innovative use of magic - won most of the contests, winning several minor magic items (and, indirectly, causing death by beheading of the ones they beat.) At the last feast the ruler proposed to marry Ameiko, but they managed to talk him out of it without upsetting him.

During their last day in the city they went to a market, and were there attacked by several ninjas, that they handily defeated. At the end of the fight a woman helped them a bit, and afterwards explained that she was sent by the Kami of the Forest of Spirits, that she knew who they were, that the Kami wanted to end the rule of the Five Storms - and thus put Ameiko on the throne, but were forbidden to interfere directly. Sending her however, was something they could do.

When they brought the last surviving ninja back to the ruler he was aghast - almost to the point of losing his smile - at the thought of the Five Storms blaming him for having hosted enemies of the five storms, so he sent the group on it's way with a final gift to speed their departure. A matched set of fine Hongal combat-trained light horses with quality saddles (i.e. one per pc, including Ameiko.)