02 To the Forest of Spirits

Post date: Dec 13, 2013 7:38:34 PM

((Anders, Lars))

On their journey towards the Forest of Spirits the caravan was once again attacked by a band of ninjas, this time Vika was killed before the ninjas were defeated. The group raised her using a scroll of resurrection they had recently purchased. After entering the Forest itself the group helped a Kami of a milestone and were granted a week-long Blessing. Another encounter resulted in Thorcel being possessed by a minor Kami of poetry and song who offered to teach him not only Tien but - more importantly, at least to her - how to sing in return for being allowed to stay. An encounter with a trio of giants ended with Vika dying again before the giants were slain. Unfortunately a few giant tarantulas were attracted by the battle and the group had to fight them as well.