03 To the Pagoda

Post date: Dec 22, 2013 6:41:04 PM

((Anders, Andreas, Lars)) (on december 16)

As they progressed through the Forest of Spirits they encountered several hostile Kami that they vanquished. At the end they reached the place where they were to meet with the Kami elders. At the meeting the Kamis told them that they wanted the pcs to enter the Pagoda in which the Oni of the Five Storms were originally imprisoned. The Oni had somehow escaped a few decades ago, but as the Kami - who had been set t guard the Onis - were unable to enter as long as at least one Oni was inside, they needed the pcs to enter and find out what had happened. Also, a minor Bonsai Kami asked them to rescue his Bonsai tree that had been stolen by some Hobgoblins and brought it to the Pagoda.