06 Gar-anteed Fishy Fun

Post date: Mar 9, 2014 10:49:49 AM

((Anders, Andreas, Christer))

After the clay golem had been slain, the rest was mostly mopping up. Beyond the double doors where the golem had appeared was a iron-bar covered pit filled with a thick green mist which they ignored until morning when they used a feather fan to blow away the mist, seeing the Gorgons down in the pit, and being affected by the blown-up mist... All but Muahah got stoned, but as the mist settled the petrifications cleared away as well. Deciding to leave the gorgons to their fate they pushed on to a barrack where they fought a number of hobgoblins (rogues and monks) led by an Oni samurai that tried to have a duel with Illtyr, but Hiro kept interfering so it became more of a general melee. Beyond the barrack a curving and slippery path led down next to a waterfall. Partway down it they were attacked by a trio of flying monks that pushed all but Muahah down the waterfall. A multi-level combat followed where Muahah eventually killed two of the monks, while the others hit either a small rocky island (really small, maybe 15 feet across) or in Hiro's case in the water next to it. And a Giant Gar...

Hiro sprinted up on the island followed by the Gar, who instead chose to eat Illtyr. But, before Illtyr was swallowed Eggal managed to Charm it, telling it to spit out the food and wait for permission to eat. While the Gar happily waited for his very good friend to toss him a few of the humanoid snacks, another Gar appeared, tried to swallow Hiro, but was killed for its efforts as it turned out trying to swallow an armed Ninja is not a good idea...

The surviving flying monk from the battle with Muahah flew down the waterfall, over the lake and out of sight, shouting for her sisters to help fight the intruders as Muahah also reached the island.

The lake is covered in small rocky islets that it's barely possible to jump between, the water in the lake is flows quite swiftly towards the lake's several outlets making it difficult to swim, and a semi-friendly Gar waits for a snack.