07 The Least Didn't Last

Post date: Jun 8, 2014 4:43:15 PM

((Anders, Christer, Henrik, Lars))

While flying and air-walking over the lake they fought a few more flying monks. Once on land they fought a number of ogre mages, hill giants and destrachans before resting for the night, taking good care of the bonsai tree they had found in one of the rooms.

In the morning they headed down another waterfall, ending up in a boggy cavern room where they fought an ogre mage and his pet gorgon, then onto an even boggier room inhabited by some nagas, through there to a chain-filled room inhabited by a pair of kytons and another ogre mage that fled deeper into the complex. While following him they fought a few guards before coming into the room where Munasakaru lived. She lasted two rounds...

After thoroughly looting the place and releasing a number of prisoners they headed to the surface where the Kami greeted them joyously. Especially Akumi, who pledged his services to them.