10. Merchant, Hood, Troll & Monks is not a lawfirm

Post date: Mar 23, 2013 10:03:08 PM

((Anders, Andreas, Christer))

Apparently the group had brought a female cleric/fighter mercenary along, as she followed the trio into the keep.

They found a prisoner in a cell off the lab, a merchant from the Rimerunners Guild who had protested against Thorbjorgs decisions, and been imprisoned for weeks. He told them that Goti had experimented on him, and that he thought Thorbjorg was actually a huge purple ogre, possibly an Ogre Mage according to Muahah. They left guarded by Thorkel and Jim just outside the keep.

Pressing on they found a water room and a cistern where they were attacked by executioner's hoods. Beyond that they found a furnace room manned (trolled?) by a trio of trolls that they soon fired. The trio of monks in the dojo off the furnace room were soon schooled as well.