11. Cleaning House

Post date: Apr 7, 2013 7:42:20 AM

((Anders, Henrik, Lars, Christer)) ((Actually a week ago, I forgot to enter this till now.))

After switching who guards the merchant, they head deeper into the keep. Finding a hidden door leads them to a bedroom guarded by a giant crawling hand, past that and down the stairs they find, and dispatch, Goti Runecaster and his zombies. Some animated statues and a room of ninjas guards Thorbjorg, who indeed turned out to be an Ogre Mage, or, as Suishen puts it, an Oni. (By this time the group has decided that Thorcel should use Suishen.) A difficult fight follows, causing the party to retreat. Thorbjorg sends a captive Winter Wolf after them, promising it freedom if it kills the group. It is, in turn, soon killed by them with the help Muahah who had gotten worried and headed into the castle. Thorbjorg follows, and also succumbs, causing Suishen to say 'One storm down, four to go.'

Returning to her rooms they find the captives (Ulf Gormundr and Spivey), kill their guards, a couple of Blindheims, and loot the keep quite thoroughly before returning to Karlsgard.

In Karlsgard they hand the merchant over to the guild, the jarl requisitions Oathtaker but they receive a fair price for it and the forged order, most everything else is sold and the money divided between them, leading to a veritable orgy of shopping in preparation for the difficult journey across the Crown of the World.

Caravan rules can be found here (free download):