01. Northbound

Post date: Sep 1, 2012 2:05:39 PM

((Anders, Andreas, Christer, Lars))

With the Oni felled, finding the vault was the next goal. On the way they found and destroyed the ghost of a child and the former captain of the guard (now a wight.) Once they had made sure nothing else hid in the castle, they proceeded to the vault and after convincing the wraith guarding it that they were indeed there on behalf of the heir they found three large and well-locked chests.

Back at the camp they opened the chests, finding first a set of rings (that Ameiko later explained used to belong to the clan's bodyguards, the rings grants one Teamwork Feat to it's wearer, decided when the ring is first put on and unchangeable thereafter) and the warding box that contained the Amatatsu Seal. On opening the box they all had a number of visions making it clear that Ameiko was the rightful heir to the throne of Minkai, and that they were considered Amatatsu scions, and thus next in line if she should fall. They also found out that in the Linnorm city of Kalsgard they needed to find the intelligen sword Suishen, most likely through finding the Ulfen man Rokuro had sold it to, Fynn Snaevald. They also leared of the Amatatsu Seal's abilities. Later they opened the box again to remove the cursed statuette from the group's alchemist, Muahah.

They convinced Kelda and Spivey to come along to Kalsgard. On the road they were attacked by a number of forest drakes that were quickly driven off, at Jol they sold of some of their treasure. Along the road they had noticed a 'blood-feather raven' (an ill-omened large raven, often in service to dark powers) following them. One night along the road (camped at Skalsbridge), they were attacked during a foggy night by a large crew of Ulfen raiders that had sailed up the Rimeflow. In the fight all the characters were knocked unconscious or worse, but the caravan managed to eventually drive off the raiders who took most of their dead and fled in the Knarr (Spivey followed along briefly, and saw that the Knarr was named the "Aril's Hammer".) After the fight was over they used the Amatatsu Seal's power to resurrect the dead alchemist (rendering it powerless for a month.) They found one of the raider's bodies and kept it, intending to have Speak with Dead cast on it in Kalsgard.

The rest of the trip to Karlsgard was eventless. Once there the caravan merged with the other caravans in the Bone Quarter. Sandru said that while they were searching it was best if they did not draw attention to the caravan by constantly returning to it. Ameiko was opposed to hiding, but Sandru convinced her to reluctantly agree that - for now - it was better to be cautious. so the characters are to get rooms at The Hunting Serpent Inn in the Ice Quarter (chosen as it is also the headquarters of the small Cayden Cailean congregation in Kalsgard.)

Before they left the caravan Sandru and the others at the caravan reminded them of the following things they should do while in Kalsgard:

* Find Fynn Snaevald (and Suishen).

* Find out more about the raider's lion-headed arm-rings (all raiders had one).

* Find out more about the "Aril's Hammer".

* Have Speak with Dead cast on the raider body.

* Find out more about the significance of the blood-feather raven.

* Find a guide to take the caravan across the Crown of the World.

* Anything else?

At the end of the session the Amatatsu Seal will be powerless for another two weeks, and the warding box has been opened a total of three times.