02. Lion's Feast

Post date: Sep 16, 2012 12:39:16 PM

((Anders, Andreas, Christer, Henrik, Molle))

I waited too long to write this log, so it's rather sketchy...

They discovered that they were being watched by ravens, their room was broken into through, with a large raven feather left behind. They found Fynn Snaevald who told them that the sword had been stolen from him, they figured out that it was the local ring-giver Asvig Longthews who had both sent the warriors who attacked them earlier and had robbed Fynn. While looking for Asvig's farm they found a guide (name?) who told them that the guide they needed, her partner Ulf, had been kidnapped by Asvig. She also told them where to find his farm.

They attacked the farm, defeated his guardian 'lions', and defeated him and his guards while they were holding a feast, some thralls fled and some guards surrendered. The survivors told them that the feast was in honor of Asvig's chief's ship-burial which was to be held the next morning. They figured that the sword as well as Ulf were in the burial ship, and that if they hurried they should, just, have enough time to get there.

On the way back they dumped some stuff in their rooms. While still in town they were accosted by a huge man who demanded weregild for the dog he claimed they had killed. Some insults were traded, and the fight was on. We did however end the session as it was getting late, so we'll start with the fight next time.