03. Just one d*** thing after another...

Post date: Sep 22, 2012 9:29:49 AM

((Anders, Andreas, Christer, Henrik))

The fight with the former dog-owner left him a dead former dog-owner. After some dickering with the local enforcers it was agreed that if they paid a weregild to be delivered to the former dog-owner's survivors (or possibly the chief of the local enforcers) they would be free to go.

Realising the need for more support, they picked up Spivey at the caravan's camp.

Not far after that a sniper with a longbow opened up on them from the rooftops, Hiro quickly climbed up on the roof and fought the archer (aided by Spivey healing) who eventually managed to fall to her death in a back alley, crushing her horse below her as she tried to climb off the roof... This time there were fewer witnesses (though the crowd at the front street made it very clear that they had a zero-tolerance policy towards the use of alchemical fire in their neighbourhood.

After the fight Spivey mentioned that the caravan's prime supplier had been stabbed in the back and found dead a few hours earlier.

Not long before dawn the party got to Spear-shaker's point and saw not only a heavily guarded funeral ship but also Uksahkka waiting for them with a couple of kayaks that she gave them brief instructions in using. She left to prepare a safehouse for Ulf once they had retrieved him, leaving them a token they could show to the Shelyn priest in Kalsgard to prove that they were her friends and should be told where she was.

As they were about to get into the kayaks a huge shark-eating crab attacked but was eventually driven off, severely wounded. The burning ship appeared so they got into the kayaks and went out to it, quickly making sure the fire wouldn't spread while they were searching the ship. They entered the hold where they fought the draugr captain whose funeral it was. As they were looting his funereal goods they heard a 'whooosh' on top, the fire on deck was (somehow) spreading rapidly. When they hurried up they saw four ninjas - who had apparently set off the fire - getting into some canoes, with their kayaks floating freely some distance from the ship. They battled the ninjas, and managed to kill them and get off the ship shortly before it was completely consumed. On the way back to shore they - unvoluntarily - practiced 'kayak rolls', but did eventually reach the shore, where we ended for the night.