05. Sandru's Dead Baby, Sandru's Dead

Post date: Sep 29, 2012 10:30:04 PM

((Anders, Andreas, Henrik))

After collecting Sandru to introduce them to the guild and dressing up as a merchant (Hiro) and his two guards, they enter the guild. Sandru and Hiro are taken to a meeting room to discuss trade with a factor. During the discussion they learn several interesting facts, the guild owns a castle called Ravenscraeg, formerly owned by one Snorri Stone-Eye, aka the draugr captain on the funeral ship. Ravenscraeg has been heavily upgraded by the guild's leader who's funneled a lot of money and an interesting Tien antique that their sometime associate Asvig Longthews had procured for them... Also, they currently have a guest in one of the rooms at the guild that will be moved to better rooms at Ravenscraeg the same day, an 'Inuit' woman named Ukshakka...

They decided to ambush the prisoner transfer, so headed out into the bogs and selected a good ambush point. Unfortunately when the guards appeared with the prisoner, a high-level Ninja that had been following them for a while also looking for a good ambush point decided that attacking them from the rear while they were fighting the guards was indeed a good ambush point... After blowing through almost 10000gp worth of poisons on the group's archer general melee followed, complicated by a passing Ochre Jelly that attacked whoever was bleeding within it's movement range. During the fight Sandru was nearly cut in half by one of the guards and bled to death. Eventually all enemies except the jelly were put down, so they retreated and let the jelly consume the flesh off the dead bodies, returning later to loot them.

(At the end of the session, level 5 is the maximum level.)