06. There and back again, and again, and again

Post date: Oct 28, 2012 10:09:14 AM

((Anders, Andreas, Christer))

On approaching Ravenscraeg (and after some debate about whether to bring someone more with them) they saw a rickety set of wooden switchbacked stairs leading up the crag towards the gate. About halfway up the stairs they were attacked by a huge insect-like monster, a Spider Eater, that paralyzed Hiro before it was killed. With one of them paralyzed, they had little choice but to return to Kalsgard.

After Hiro had been cured of his paralysis (and some debate about whether to bring someone more with them), they headed back. This time they were beset by several groups of animals, first a quarted of polar bears and then a pack of dire wolves. The fights were hard, but the group won. On ascending the stairs they were again attacked, this time by an illusion-using undead of some kind. After it was dispatched, they were assaulted by a group of tengu ninjas. The battle with the ninjas left them in a sufficiently bad shape that they again decided to head back to Kalsgard to restock on healing supplies.

Hoping that the third time would be the charm, they returned to Ravenscraeg (after some debate about whether to bring someone more with them) and again started to ascend the stairs. This time they were met by a hailstorm of rocks and assorted debris as they ascended. Eventually the numerous defenders (5 ninjas and 6 thugs) were defeated, leaving Hiro unconscious and all but dead (mostly from the effect of friendly fire...), but the battle had apparently alarmed the huge swarms of ravens circling Ravenscraeg as five swarms attacked in two waves. The swarms were soon defeated by bombs, but not before Muahah had been blinded by the ravens. Admitting defeat they headed back towards Kalsgard, but were harrassed on the way out by a Giant-speaking spiderclimbing humanoid. He seemed open to the idea of switching sides, but after the group continued to attack him, he left soon after being bloodied.

The group is now back in Kalsgard (after some debate about whether they should have brought someone more with them), and has been gone from Ravenscraeg for three days. A total of 32 days have passed since the artifact was used to resurrect Muahah and it is thus ready for use again.