07. Just in the door

Post date: Nov 3, 2012 4:12:36 PM

((Anders, Andreas, Christer, Henrik))

After recruiting a severely under-armored barbarian the group headed back, and up the stairs once again. This time it seemed the inhabitants of Ravenscraeg had rigged a trap, making the top of the stairs - as well as the group - tumble 80 foot down towards the ground, where a pair of carrion golems activated... After taking out those they started up again, and were assaulted by several ninjas, a few thugs and a couple of raven swarms. Barely surviving, the group returned to Karlsgard to dump their hireling and recruit someone better armored...

The second foray - now accompanied by a well-armored professional mercenary - was more successful. Though they were pelted by rocks and ambushed by ninjas all the way up, they did make it inside the doors to the castle, where again they were attacked by two raven swarms, in response to which they spread out, just in time for the ninjas to assault from the balconies, soon to be joined by a large number of thugs, and a hulking humanoid leader. The party retreated to the doorway, intending to hold the front line there.

(At the start of next session, the max level will be 6.)