09. That's not a Swarm, that's a Stone Giant!

Post date: Mar 21, 2013 6:32:28 PM

((Andreas, Christer, Henrik, Lars))

Back in Karlsgard they learnt that for some reason the local underworld was unusually quiet, it was as if someone had killed off most of the low-level thugs in the city. Wonder who that could be? :)

After some restocking they headed back to Ravenscraeg, this time they quickly smashed through the remaining defenses, killing of a few more thugs, some raven swarms and a ninja - progressing so fast that they barely looted the rooms they passed - before breaking into a room where a released hellish swarm of some sort killed one and soon made the rest flee as they could not affect it... [Apply brake, reverse, retcon. Swarms are boring, especially as it turned out noone in the group could actually affect it...] With visions of hellish swarms swimming through their heads, they fought the rooms actual occupant, a [randomly rolled] Stone Giant, slaying it after it had almost brought two of them down.