01 Not in Kansas anymore

Post date: Jun 16, 2013 11:53:14 AM

((Anders, Henrik))

After some serious power-shopping the caravan finally headed north, but after only a few days travel it seemed that they had - somehow - ended up in a land of never-ending dusk. It soon became apparent that something strange was going on as there was no life anywhere in the forest, and all the caravan was plagued by horrible nightmares. As they traveled on they kept encountering a forest glen with a wooden statue in it, until they eventually entered it and killed the wood golem that it turned out to be. On leaving the glen they saw their own tracks all over the place, realising that even though they had thought that they had left the glen behind, they had actually just circled around and returned to the same glen all the time. Eventually they came to a Viking homestead where they were greeted by the local Jarl and his men. They claimed to be surprised to encounter strangers that weren't kept away by the curse. Refusing the curse further they instead urged the group to take part in a feast, but when Jim refused to drink the mead he was offered (as he saw through the illusion, realizing that the men were actually undead, and the mead was actually rotting pus) they attacked. Eventually all the undead were slain, and, somehow, returned to their original positions in the dusty and long untouched hall. Within moments the door burst open and a hag entered, proclaiming that they had murdered her friend, Thorbjorg Silversparre, and she was going to punish them for that. After a difficult fight they found her lair, including mud statues of themselves, which they smashed.

Pushing on the air soon became increasingly cold, and the trees around them changed. After being ambushed by a huge spider that used the poisonous sap from the trees as part of it's ambush they approached a field of graves.